Out of the Park Baseball Mods

Out of the Park Baseball is a great game and even better when you have all the historical mods. I did not create any of these but I was lucky enough to download them before many of them went offline. Enjoy them for free and feel free to check out the rest of the site.

Logos of every MLB team and the year that they wore them. These are labeled perfectly so as long as these are put in the logo folder they will automatically update based on the year of your dynasty

This has all the current ballparks and their 3D models. It also has the diagram pictures of all the historic ballparks for those of you who like to play in Webcast View. Enjoy

My favorite file is the historic facegen files. My favorite is Babe Ruth. It looks just like him

Home and away jerseys of every MLB team and every year that they wore them. The cool thing is they are labeled perfectly so they automatically update. Start a dynasty in 1975 and all the teams will be in their 1975 jerseys

Home and away ballcaps for every MLB team and the year that they wore them. Once again these are labeled perfectly so just put them in your ballcaps folder and if you start a dynasty in 1990 every team will have their 1990 ballcaps on and jerseys if you downloaded the file above

Hardball Dynasty


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