Thursday, November 21, 2019

Mookie Betts to the Dodgers?

As we head to the end of November, the Mookie Watch is starting to intensify. It seems inevitable that Mookie Betts will be traded at some point this offseason. Many of the trade scenarios don't make a lot of sense. The Braves for example have been rumored to be interested. I just don't see the Braves pulling the trigger. The Braves have built up a great farm system but don't have the money to sign Mookie to a long term deal when his contract expires. I can't imagine the Braves wanting to put a huge dent in their farm system to acquire a one year rental. The Dodgers though? That makes perfect sense.

Mark Feinsand of the MLB,com floated this possible scenario: Mookie Betts to the Dodgers for Joc Pederson, Dustin May and Keibert Ruiz. The Dodgers, like the Braves, have a loaded farm system and they will have a year of trying to sell Mookie on Los Angeles and the money next offseason to lock him up on a long term deal. Getting rid of Mookie doesn't make the Red Sox better but if the powers that be have decided there is no way they can keep him going forward this package of players makes a lot of sense.

 Pederson is slated to make $5 million next year and like Betts will be free agent after the 2020 season. The Red Sox would save $15 million next year. Pederson is an average defensive outfielder with some pop at the plate. Nobody will confuse him for Mookie but it allows the Sox to remain competitive next season as they begin to gain more financial flexibility.

 Dustin May is the Dodgers top prospect who is sure to be a fan favorite at Fenway. In over 34 innings of work he struck out 32 and walked just 5.

 Ruiz is a catcher who has yet to make his MLB debut but was ranked the #20 overall prospect by Baseball America. He should be MLB ready for the 2020 season.


  1. That's a very poor idea for the Dodgers. The difference between Pederson and Betts is 4-5 wins, and it wouldn't be surprising if Dustin May was worth that before his arb years. Perhaps well before. AND he'd being doing that in this scenario for Boston for a small fraction of the difference between Pederson's and Betts' salaries. AND you want to toss Ruiz in, in addition?

    Don't get me wrong--Betts is a great player, well on his way to the Hall of Fame, but LA would only be getting one season from him, while dealing away a total of 13 seasons from Pederson, May, and Ruiz. Sure, you can add a little value for LA getting all that value from one roster spot, but only a little. Half a win, maybe, from that? It's just too much. I have to think Pederson and a solid prospect who is a good bet to deliver 5 wins over 6 years. Maybe a little better than that. But each of May and Ruiz could well do that.

    1. Thanks for reading Jack. You make some great points