Friday, November 22, 2019

How Larry Walker is Being Unfairly Punished for Playing in Coors Field

Will this be the year Larry Walker gets enough votes to be enshrined in Cooperstown for eternity? His stats say yes. His stats are most similar to a guy named Duke Snider according to Baseball Reference, Joe DiMaggio is 5th on that list of most similar batters. What hurts Larry Walker's Hall of Fame case the most is The Coors Field bias. Walker had 2,501 plate appearances at Coors Field and compiled an OPS of 1.172. That is dominant. However, how do those numbers compare to other Hall of Famers at Coors Field?

Adam Darowski (@baseballtwit) posted some interesting numbers on twitter. Current members of the Hall of Fame had a combined 1,764 plate appearances and registered an OPS of .974 He broke it down by each individual Hall of Famer using OPS:

Larry Walker 1.172
Ken Griffey Jr. 1.147
Vladimir Guerrero 1.134
Mike Piazza 1.115
Craig Biggio 1.091
Chipper Jones 1.035
Rickey Henderson .910
Ivan Rodriguez .882
Tony Gwynn .882
Barry Larkin .861
Jeff Bagwell .847 

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