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April 11, 1986: Red Sox at White Sox

This is a baseball simulation using Out of the Park Baseball

The Chicago White Sox picked up a win, knocking off the Boston Red Sox, 4-3. Starting pitcher Floyd Bannister was an essential part of his team's success. Bill Dawley closed the game out for Chicago, earning his 1st save. The White Sox have stumbled out of the gate, getting only their 1st win in 4 games. An impactful at-bat came in the bottom of the fifth inning. With a runner on 3rd, the batter, Carlton Fisk, reached on an error by the SS, driving in 1 run. It made the score 4-3, Chicago, and helped them go on to win. "I tried to mix it up, keep them off balance," said Bannister.

Replay Notes: 

This was Roger Clemens' first start of what would be his historic 1986 season. In real life this is where he would pick up first win of the season. He would start 14-0. In our replay he gets the loss but actually didn't pitch any worse than he did in real life. He just didn't get the run support in our replay. In both the real game and the replay game, Carlton Fisk, who was playing in LF would take Clemens deep. The Sox were 2-2 after four game in 1986. The Replay Red Sox drop to 1-3 with this loss.

Here is the boxscore from the actual game on this date in 1986

D. Evans RF2110200.16701
W. Boggs 3B4120002.33300
B. Buckner 1B4111013.37514
J. Rice LF3000102.33315
D. Baylor DH3000114.33312
T. Armas CF4012001.21402
M. Barrett 2B4000013.23500
E. Romero SS4000001.33300
M. Sullivan C3000010.00000
   a-R. Gedman PH1000000.35711
a - R. Gedman pinch hit for M. Sullivan in the 9th

Total Bases: D. Evans , W. Boggs 2 , B. Buckner , T. Armas
2-out RBI: T. Armas
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: M. Barrett , B. Buckner , E. Romero
GIDP: T. Armas
Team LOB: 6

Errors: E. Romero (1)
J. Cangelosi CF4121002.26701
   a-D. Boston CF0000000.00000
W. Tolleson 3B4000003.12500
H. Baines RF4010011.18800
C. Fisk LF4111001.31311
   b-R. Nichols LF0000000.00000
G. Walker 1B4010022.25001
R. Kittle DH2100202.14313
O. Guillen SS4010002.07700
B. Little 2B4111003.25001
M. Hill C3010002.33300
a - D. Boston substituted for J. Cangelosi in the 9th
b - R. Nichols substituted for C. Fisk in the 9th

Doubles: H. Baines (2, 3rd Inning off R. Clemens, 0 on, 0 outs)
Triples: J. Cangelosi (1, 5th Inning off R. Clemens, 0 on, 0 outs)
Home Runs: C. Fisk (1, 2nd Inning off R. Clemens, 0 on, 0 outs)
Total Bases: H. Baines 2 , G. Walker , B. Little , M. Hill , O. Guillen , C. Fisk 4 , J. Cangelosi 4
2-out RBI: B. Little , J. Cangelosi
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: W. Tolleson , R. Kittle , C. Fisk , J. Cangelosi
Team LOB: 6

Errors: C. Fisk (1)
Double Plays: 1 (Little-Guillen-Walker)
R. Clemens L (0-1)8.0843231137883.38   
Game Score: R. Clemens 53
Batters Faced: R. Clemens 35
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: R. Clemens 9-12
Pitches - Strikes: R. Clemens 137-88
Balk: R. Clemens 
F. Bannister W (1-0)7.1533340129793.68   
B. Dawley SV (1)1.20001001560.00   
Game Score: F. Bannister 57
Batters Faced: F. Bannister 31, B. Dawley 5
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: F. Bannister 7-11, B. Dawley 2-2
Pitches - Strikes: F. Bannister 129-79, B. Dawley 15-6
WP: F. Bannister 

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