Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Red Sox Daily

The Red Sox open their season on March 28th in Seattle. We will be doing a Red Sox Daily feature on our blog previewing every Red Sox game this season. Here is what we will look at before each game:

Against All Odds

Phil Collins approves and so do all our readers who like to gamble. We will use Cappertek to give you all the Vegas odds on the upcoming Red Sox game including moneyline, runline and the over/under on the run total. We will also keep a running tally on how much money you would be making or losing if you bet on the Sox every game or if you bet against the Sox every day.

Fantasy Sox

For our readers who like to play in daily fantasy leagues using DraftKings, we will be breaking down the fantasy values for key Red Sox players


We will look at how the current roster of Red Sox players has done in their career against that day's starting pitcher. We will also look at how that day's Red Sox starting pitcher has done against the player's in the opposing lineup for that day.

Projected Final Score

We will go to the computer and let you know what Cappertek's Projection Machine says what will happen in that day's game. It won't always be good news and it won't always be right. We will trach how accurate the machine is as we go through the season.

Around the Majors

We will go around the majors and preview some matchups to look for and also give you our pick of the night.

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