Monday, July 15, 2019

This Day in Red Sox History: Morgan Magic Begins

Morgan Magic began on this day in 1988. John McNamara would be fired at the All Star Break with the Red Sox at 43-42 and 9.5 games out of first place.

Joe Morgan would be named as his replacement and would make his debut on July 15th as the Red Sox would play a doubleheader to start the second half of the season. The Sox would win both games.

Roger Clemens would strike out 16 Royals in the first game of the doubleheader out dueling Bret Saberhagen. The Red Sox would not lose another game until July 26th. Their 12 game winning streak would pull them to 1.5 games of first place. The Sox would go on to win the division by one game before losing to the Oakland Athletics in the 1988 ALCS

Here are the boxscores from both of those games on July 15th:

Game 1

Game 2

The Streak

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

April 19, 1986: Dodgers at Braves

This is a baseball simulation using Out of the Park Baseball

The Los Angeles Dodgers got a sterling performance from pitcher Orel Hershiser, but the Braves still prevailed, 6-5. He threw 8 innings of 3-hit ball. Craig McMurtry, credited with the win, is now 1-0. He allowed 1 run on 1 hit in 1 innings. The Braves have stumbled out of the gate, getting only their 3rd win in 9 games.

Terry Harper was the hero for the Braves as he hit a two out, game tying, three run homer off Ken Howell in the Bottom of the 9th inning. The game would go to 15 innings when with no one out in the bottom of the 15th, Ted Simmons hit a go-ahead run-scoring single. It was his 2nd hit of the season and with it the Braves took a 6-5 lead.

"I'm proud of the boys for pulling through," said Braves manager Chuck Tanner . "The wins don't come easy for this team, but everyone's got an extra jump in their step after a game like this."

Replay Notes: 

The Braves won this game in real life by a score of 2-0 thanks to a great game by Zane Smith. The Braves were 4-5 after 9 games at this point in the 1986 season in real life. In our replay they are just 3-6. Here is a link to the actual boxscore of this game and if you scroll down you can see the full boxscore from our marathon replay game

Los Angeles Dodgers (8-4)0010010200000015151
Atlanta Braves (3-6)0000000040000026111

M. Duncan SS5110031.26423
   e-F. Stubbs PH1000010.20728
   T. Niedenfuer P0000000.00000
   i-D. Anderson PH, SS1000001.27300
K. Landreaux CF7000032.26302
   k-J. Hamilton 3B0000000.00000
E. Cabell 3B, 1B4121101.28602
   g-L. Matuszek PH, 1B2000000.00000
M. Marshall RF6120121.15925
C. Cedeno LF4110005.26702
   a-B. Madlock PH, 3B3010011.36404
   l-E. Amelung CF0000000.00000
G. Brock 1B4022000.20008
   b-S. Sax PH, 2B2110101.32403
B. Russell 2B4010001.33303
   c-R. Williams PH, LF3020012.60002
M. Scioscia C6011007.28105
O. Hershiser P4010011.11100
   K. Howell P0000000.00000
   d-A. Trevino PH1000000.25000
   f-C. Shipley SS0000000.00000
   h-R. Bryant PH1000001.00000
   E. Vande Berg P0000000.00000
   j-P. Guerrero PH1000011.00000
   J. Reuss P0000000.00000
a - B. Madlock pinch hit for C. Cedeno in the 10th
b - S. Sax pinch hit for G. Brock in the 10th
c - R. Williams pinch hit for B. Russell in the 10th
d - A. Trevino pinch hit for K. Howell in the 11th
e - F. Stubbs pinch hit for M. Duncan in the 11th
f - C. Shipley substituted for A. Trevino in the 11th
g - L. Matuszek pinch hit for E. Cabell in the 12th
h - R. Bryant pinch hit for C. Shipley in the 13th
i - D. Anderson pinch hit for T. Niedenfuer in the 13th
j - P. Guerrero pinch hit for E. Vande Berg in the 15th
k - J. Hamilton substituted for K. Landreaux in the 15th
l - E. Amelung substituted for B. Madlock in the 15th

Doubles: M. Marshall (1, 1st Inning off Z. Smith, 1 on, 2 outs) R. Williams (1, 13th Inning off J. Dedmon, 0 on, 0 outs)
Total Bases: O. Hershiser , M. Scioscia , B. Russell , M. Marshall 3 , M. Duncan ,C. Cedeno , E. Cabell 2 , G. Brock 2 , B. Madlock , S. Sax , R. Williams 3
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: M. Scioscia 2 , B. Russell , C. Cedeno2 , D. Anderson
Sac Fly: M. Scioscia
Team LOB: 13

SB: E. Cabell (1) , S. Sax (4)

Errors: B. Russell (1)
C. Washington RF6120120.25002
R. Ramirez SS7210004.21102
D. Murphy CF6120110.32402
B. Horner 1B5111200.21414
T. Simmons C6012014.20002
T. Harper LF4113202.18526
K. Oberkfell 3B6000012.25802
G. Hubbard 2B6020010.15401
Z. Smith P1000000.00000
   a-O. Virgil PH1000010.35011
   E. Olwine P0000000.00000
   b-G. Perry PH1000001.50001
   B. Sutter P0000000.00000
   P. Assenmacher P0000000.00000
   c-B. Sample PH1000000.00000
   G. Garber P0000000.00000
   d-A. Thomas PH1010000.66700
   J. Dedmon P0000000.00000
   e-B. Benedict PH1000001.00001
   C. McMurtry P0000000.00000
a - O. Virgil pinch hit for Z. Smith in the 6th
b - G. Perry pinch hit for E. Olwine in the 8th
c - B. Sample pinch hit for P. Assenmacher in the 10th
d - A. Thomas pinch hit for G. Garber in the 12th
e - B. Benedict pinch hit for J. Dedmon in the 14th

Doubles: D. Murphy (2, 11th Inning off T. Niedenfuer, 0 on, 1 out) G. Hubbard(1, 8th Inning off O. Hershiser, 0 on, 2 outs) A. Thomas (2, 12th Inning off T. Niedenfuer, 0 on, 2 outs)
Home Runs: T. Harper (2, 9th Inning off K. Howell, 2 on, 2 outs)
Total Bases: C. Washington 2 , T. Simmons , R. Ramirez , D. Murphy 3 , G. Hubbard 3 , B. Horner , T. Harper 4 , A. Thomas 2
2-out RBI: T. Harper
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: R. Ramirez 2 , T. Harper , G. Perry
Sac Fly: T. Simmons
Team LOB: 8

SB: C. Washington (1)
CS: T. Harper (1)

Errors: R. Ramirez (3)
OF assists: 1 (Murphy (Brock at 2nd base))
O. Hershiser8.2333350112742.55   
K. Howell BS (1)1.111102122162.08   
T. Niedenfuer2.020020029202.25   
E. Vande Berg2.010000026190.00   
J. Reuss L (0-1), BS (1)0.042210019117.94   
Game Score: O. Hershiser 68
Batters Faced: O. Hershiser 32, K. Howell 5, T. Niedenfuer 10, E. Vande Berg 7,J. Reuss 5
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: O. Hershiser 11-9, K. Howell 0-2, T. Niedenfuer 5-1, E. Vande Berg 2-4, J. Reuss 0-0
Pitches - Strikes: O. Hershiser 112-74, K. Howell 22-16, T. Niedenfuer 29-20, E. Vande Berg 26-19, J. Reuss 19-11
Inherited Runners - Scored: K. Howell 2-2
WP: O. Hershiser 
Z. Smith6.0721050100662.25   
E. Olwine2.022221034189.00   
B. Sutter1.120001024135.06   
P. Assenmacher0.2100010850.00   
G. Garber2.010002025172.25   
J. Dedmon2.010001015110.00   
C. McMurtry W (1-0)1.0111120221210.80   
Game Score: Z. Smith 57
Batters Faced: Z. Smith 26, E. Olwine 9, B. Sutter 6, P. Assenmacher 3, G. Garber 7, J. Dedmon 7, C. McMurtry 5
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: Z. Smith 9-4, E. Olwine 1-3, B. Sutter 2-1, P. Assenmacher 0-1, G. Garber 3-1, J. Dedmon 2-3, C. McMurtry 0-1
Pitches - Strikes: Z. Smith 100-66, E. Olwine 34-18, B. Sutter 24-13, P. Assenmacher 8-5, G. Garber 25-17, J. Dedmon 15-11, C. McMurtry 22-12
Inherited Runners - Scored: P. Assenmacher 1-0
WP: E. Olwine 

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