Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Markakis for MVP?

Ozzie Albies has been better than expected and Ronald Acuna is as explosive as it gets. Both are reasons why the Braves are off to such a great start. What about Nick Markakis? Did you know that Nick Markakis leads the Braves with a WAR of 2.2, just barely ahead of Freddie Freeman at 2.1? Albies is third at 1.5

While record is one way to determine the best team in baseball, I like using the Simple Rating System (SRS) which takes into account run differential and strength of schedule. This has the Braves as the best team in baseball so far with Markakis being the best player so far on that best team.

The Astros have the second best SRS in all of baseball and Justin Verlander and his 2.3 WAR is best on the Astros

The Yankees have the third best SRS in all of baseball and Luis Severino and his 2.6 WAR lead the Yankees.

The Phillies are fourth in SRS with Aaron Nola leading the Phillies with a WAR os 2.8

The Nationals are fifth in SRS with Max Scherzer leading them with a WAR of 2.5

The Red Sox and Cubs are tied for 6th in SRS with Mookie Betts with an incredible WAR of 3.0 to lead the Sox and Kris Bryant with a WAR of 1.8

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