Thursday, April 19, 2018

Daily Fantasy Baseball Projections: Value in Atlanta

The Braves host the Mets in an early NL East showdown between two of the more surprising teams of the season. Lucas Sims gets the start for the Braves and he tops our list as the best value play of the night in your Draft Kings daily fantasy leagues. Sims is projected to get 12.48 points but only costs $4000. This is a value of 3.12 points per $1000 spent

Sims battery mate should be Kurt Suzuki tonight and he tops our list as most valued position player. Suzuki is projected to get you 8.36 points for just $2800 which is a value of 2.99 points per $1000 spent.

Luke Weaver of the Cardinals tops our list as our top projected point play of the day. He is projected to get 19.25 points and will only cost you $8,500 which is a 2.26 points per $1000 value. Not bad at all.

Aaron Judge is our top position player for the day as he is projected to get you 10.39 points. You will have to pay to get them though as he will cost you $11,500 which is just 0.9 points per $1000 spent.

Our worst values of the night can all be found in the Yankee/Blue Jays game. Didi Gregorius and Justin Smoak are tied at 0.87 points per $1000 spent. The starting pitcher for the Blue Jays is Aaron Sanchez and he is our worst valued pitcher of the night at 0.93 points per $1000 spent. Good luck

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