Monday, April 23, 2018

Are the Braves the Best Team in Baseball?

Yes, I know it is very early in the season but it is still very interesting to look at what has taken place so far in the 2018 baseball season.

The number I am looking right now is the Simple Rating System (SRS) for each team. The Simple Rating System takes into account run differential and strength of schedule. The average SRS number is 0.

So far it is the Braves leading the way with an impressive 3.2 SRS. The other thing you will notice is how the National League dominates the Top 5.

I don't think the Braves have the pitching to truly be the best team in baseball when the season ends. However, the NL East isn't as good as most people think and I believe the Braves have enough talent to be celebrating an NL East title in late September. 

1. Braves3.2
2. Diamondbacks2.4
3. Red Sox2.3
4. Phillies2.2
5. Mets2
Next we look at the five worst teams and you will notice they all come from the American League with the White Sox leading the way for worst team so far in the major leagues.

26. Rangers-1.7
27. Tigers-2
28. Orioles-2.4
29. Royals-3.6
30. White Sox-4

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