Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Will The Braves Steal J.D. Martinez from the Red Sox?

The J.D. Martinez situation continues to get worse for the Red Sox. The Giancarlo Stanton trade by the Yankees has made the acquisition of Martinez a must. The problem is the Sox will be getting a guy over the age of 30 who is a defensive liability. The other problem is his new contract might end up being more expensive than Stanton's contract. Not good

A new problem has popped up, the Red Sox might not get him after all. Dave Schoenfield wrote a column today and floated the idea that the Braves could swoop in and sign Martinez. Here is what he wrote:

How about the Braves? They need a hitter, they’ve cleared Matt Kemp off the roster, and they have a young roster that has room to add a big salary.

Can the Red Sox afford to sign Martinez? Can they afford not to sign Martinez? The offseason from hell continues.

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