Friday, December 15, 2017

The Last Days of Jackie Bradley in Boston?

Has Jackie Bradley played his last game in a Red Sox uniform? I made this prediction a month ago on AVID Boston's podcast and now it looks even more likely.

I am a little biased when it comes to JBJ. I remember watching him as an 18 year old in college playing for my beloved alma mater. I don't want him to go but at this point it looks to be the the best move to make and the most likely move to make.

 Let's get one thing straight, Hanley Ramirez is not going to play first base on a regular basis in 2018. If that is the Red Sox plan then trouble awaits. I do think Hanley could have a big year as the everyday DH. The Sox will need him to have one if they have any plans to win the AL East. Counting on him to stay healthy and to be productive while playing first base is just not going to work.

Carlos Santana signed with the Phillies for 3 years and $60 million. The Sox were rumored to be in the mix but did not want to go that high. The Sox need a first baseman that can provide some power. Eric Hosmer is out there but is he really worth the money? He will get more than Santana and for more years and he really isn't that much of an upgrade over Mitch Moreland

 The Sox need to move fast and sign J.D. Martinez. They will have to overpay him and I am sure at the end of his contract he will be a shell of himself but at this point the Sox don't have a lot of options. Look for the Sox to make him the everyday left fielder and move Andrew Benintendi to CF. So where does JBJ go?

Look for the Sox to package him in a deal to the White Sox for Jose Abreu. The Yankees may have added Giancarlo Stanton but the Red Sox can still hold their own this offseason with these moves. I think this has to be the plan at this point. Here is what the lineup might look like on Opening Day:

 RF Mookie Betts
 CF Andrew Benintendi
 LF J.D Martinez
 1B Jose Abreu
 SS Xander Bogaerts
 3B Rafael Devers
 DH Hanley Ramirez
 2B Brock Holt
 C Christian Vazquez

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