Friday, November 17, 2017

The Love and the Hate for Eduardo Nunez

Eduardo Nunez played just 38 games for the Red Sox but he made a great impression. Nunez hit .321 with 8 homers 27 RBI and 6 stolen bases.

Many Red Sox fans want Nunez back to fill the void left by the Dustin Pedroia injury and to serve as the super utility guy once Pedroia comes back. This was a role held for the last few seasons by Brock Holt.

 At least one person thinks that Nunez is a bit overrated. Keith Law listed his Top 50 Free Agents and he had Nunez ranked at #34. If that wasn't bad enough here was Law's evaluation of Nunez:

Nunez hits like an infielder but can't play even average defense at second or third, and let's not even talk about his defense at short. He has one skill -- he puts the ball in play a lot -- and that has to carry him. So when he hits .300-plus, like he did in 2017, he's a useful player, a good bench guy who won't kill you if he ends up with 500 plate appearances filling in around the diamond. He walks once per solstice, he has no power, and his instincts are generally poor, so when he doesn't hit .300, you're not getting much value. The fact that he has been traded to contenders twice at the July deadline befuddles me.