Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Report: More Childish Clubhouse Behavior from David Price

How old is David Price? His Baseball-Reference page says he is 31 years old but he continues to act like he is around 5. If his stunt he pulled with Dennis Eckersley wasn't bad enough for you, more reports are surfacing about he acts like a spineless punk  in the clubhouse.

Lou Merloni ripped Price for the majority of his radio show yesterday and shared a story about Price from the last Red Sox homestand.

Before games there is a window of time where the clubhouse is open to the press. Beat writers use this time to get quotes from players. They are often recording their answers on their smartphones or recording devices. Basically, they are trying to do their job. Music is always being played on the clubhouse sound system.

According to Merloni, Price walked over to the sound system and turned it up to an unbearable noise level in a clear attempt to make it tough for the media to do their job. Price then grabbed his headphones and put them on and sat by his locker the rest of the time. Revenge of the Jellyfish!

 How tired is Price's act? Look at this tweet from Keith Olbermann:

 When Olbermann calls you "soft as church music" isn't it time to look yourself in the mirror?

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