Monday, July 24, 2017

Jackie Bradley's Wife Calls Out Boston Columnist

If you have been living under a rock today you may have missed the latest Dan Shaughnessy column where he details what happened between David Price and Dennis Eckersley.

It isn't a good look for Price or for the unnamed Red Sox players who stood there and applauded what happened. Here is the full detail of what happened on the plane:

 On the day of the episode, Price was standing near the middle of the team aircraft, surrounded by fellow players, waiting for Eckersley. When Eckersley approached, on his way to the back of the plane (Sox broadcasters traditionally sit in the rear of the aircraft), a grandstanding Price stood in front of Eckersley and shouted, “Here he is — the greatest pitcher who ever lived! This game is easy for him!’’ When a stunned Eckersley tried to speak, Price shot back with, “Get the [expletive] out of here!’’ Many players applauded. Eckersley made his way to the back of the plane as players in the middle of the plane started their card games. In the middle of the short flight, Eckersley got up and walked toward the front where Sox boss Dave Dombrowski was seated. When Eckersley passed through the card-playing section in the middle, Price went at him again, shouting, “Get the [expletive] out of here!’’ 

Jackie Bradley Jr's wife wasn't happy with Mr, Shaughnessy because before Dan wrote about the Price and Eckersley situation he rehashed a story from 2015 when Jackie asked to get a picture taken with Eckersley and then tweeted this out:

Shaughnessy explained in his column that this did not sit well with Eckersley at the time. Shaughnessy made it seem like the issues between Bradley and Eckersley are ongoing which is what irked the wife of Bradley who took to twitter to defend her husband:

 This account by JBJ's wife was confirmed by other Red Sox reporters who said JBJ and Eckersley did meet very soon after the incident. The meat of their discussion wasn't disclosed but all indications point to JBJ apologizing for a pretty childish stunt. Kudos to Jackie for owning it and apologizing. We are still waiting on David Price to do the same


  1. Whether Shaughnessy reported that part is neither here nor there. A stunt like that will not be forgotten. Once bitten, twice shy. Now, was JBJ one of those clapping for Price? The absence of morals within some of these Red Sox players is sickening. Forget he's a baseball analyst. As a human being, Eck deserves much better.

  2. A hell of a way to show respect to a Hall of Fame pitcher. We all know that Price will never have the stones to make it there himself.

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