Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Curt Schilling Weighs in on David Price and Dennis Eckersley

I love Curt Schilling. I know many of you do not. I also love Keith Olbermann. I know many of you do not. I love them both because I am a baseball nerd and these guys are great when talking about baseball.

Politically speaking? I think both of them are way too extreme and say a lot of things that don't make much sense to me.

Schilling also did this thing where he helped end the curse of my boyhood baseball team. That was kinda important to me. He is also an Out of the Park Baseball simulation addict like I am, that is also real cool.

Schilling's twitter timeline consists mostly of political rants. I still follow him but try to look for the good stuff and when I say good stuff I mean his baseball thoughts. He is a great when he is talking baseball. His periscope live sessions he used to do when he would answer baseball questions from fans were incredible. His baseball podcast he used to do was even better. He was one of the best baseball color analysts until ESPN let him go.

 When new details came out about the David Price and Dennis Eckersley situation I immediately thought of Schilling. Who better to weigh in on pitching in Boston, dealing with the Boston media and the complexities of the clubhouse? Nobody!

 This was Schilling's initial response to Dan Shaughnessy's story. Remember, Schilling and Shaughnessy had a tough relationship when Schilling was pitching for the Red Sox

 I can assure you that 94.6% of this article is speculated bullshit. No one ANYWHERE on this team would 'confide' in this clown, ever. 

 This is Schilling putting his hatred for Shaughnessy aside for a second and realizing there was more truth to this story than fiction.

 It's not something I'd have been ok with that's for sure. FAR better ways to handle every aspect of this story. 

 Here is Schilling sharing a common opinion that most people have about this situation.

Eck is a HOFer, no one else in this matter is. How is him doing his job, exceptionally well IMO, an issue for ANYONE? Grow the F up and win. 

 Here is Schilling coming to terms with the idea that most of the team seems to support what Price did to Eckersley

 Really?? I didn't know it was that bad? 

 His response on what this situation tells him about this Red Sox team

One devoid of a clubhouse presence to fix this bullshit. Do your job between 7-10pm every night and you have no complaints. Liking and/or agreeing with Eck has NOTHING to do with anything. You're paid to win games, period. Nothing else. Win games and there is no BS

 Schilling responded to the idea that all this won't matter if the Red Sox and Price start winning again.

Problem is champions don't play this sort of bullshit games. Only 'problems' they have is losing a game, nothing else matters. 

 This was his response when someone asked how much of the blame falls on John Farrell and guys like Dustin Pedroia

 Stop. They're grown men, they are accountable for their own actions and inactions. 

 This was Schilling's response when a fan said it's Eckersley's job to call players out when not performing well

Why is criticism "calling a player out"? No one knows better THAN players when to call someone out and FEW actually do it right, like Eck 

This is classic Schilling and showing there is a definite distinction when it comes to a reporter who never played baseball and someone like Eckersley. Here is his response when he was asked if he felt the same way when Price got into a shouting match with Evan Drellich who is a Red Sox beat reporter,

Boo f'ing hoo. A member of the media got yelled at. Call in the National Guard. Happens EVERY SINGLE DAY, grow up and move on. 

 There started to be some who wanted to blame the Boston media for this and went on to quote multiple ex Red Sox players who hated their time in Boston because of the media. I quoted one of these tweets and asked Schilling how he felt about this sentiment given his own issues with guys like Dan Shaughnessy. Here was his response.

Here's the thing. Love them, hate them, don't care about them, none of that matters at 7:05. You weren't brought here to comply, rebuff or acquiesce to the media. You were brought here, and paid, to win games. If you do that the media can only say so much. If you don't? well that's part of the job. You're supposed to be critiqued and criticized when you aren't doing well, that's how this thing works. It was Price trying to act like a leader by "standing up" for Eduardo Rodriguez. It failed, miserably. Trust me when I tell you that ANYONE refusing to come here due to the media is a player you don't wan't to come here anyway. 

 I then asked Schilling what would have happened if Price did this on the 2004 Red Sox

 It would not have happened, period. No chance

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