Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Columbia Fireflies' Ownership Defend Tim Tebow

Less than 24 hours ago the announcement came that Tim Tebow would be playing in Columbia, SC for the Fireflies. This led to the Greenville Drive twitter account making fun of the move and Tim Tebow. I reached out last night to Fireflies' Managing Owner Jason Freier for his reaction to the tweets and the assertion that Tebow is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Here is his statement in full:

I'm sure they meant it as a joke.
It is certainly unusual for someone to be playing class-A baseball at 29 but this isn't any normal guy or situation. 
This is a world class athlete and a champion.  It is a guy who has shown tremendous leadership, determination and work ethic in everything he has done.
He's 29 and trying to learn to do the hardest thing in sports--hit a baseball--so it is certainly an uphill battle. 
But anyone who is counting him out obviously hasn't paid attention to his career to date.
And there is no way in which this is a publicity stunt.  He is one of the most popular athletes in the country and he doesn't need publicity.  The Mets are only a season removed from being in the World Series and have some of the brightest and most marketable stars in the game--they don't need the publicity either.  Both the Mets and Tim Tebow are completely serious here and wouldn't be doing this otherwise.

Opening Day in Columbia is a little more than two weeks away. This should be fun.

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