Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Genius of Ronald Reagan the Baseball Broadcaster

Long before Ronald Reagan became President of the United States he was a baseball radio broadcaster for the Chicago Cubs.

Reagan worked for radio station WHO out of Des Moines, Iowa and one day his Western Union telegraph feed stopped working making it impossible for him to update his listeners on the game. So what did Reagan do? Here is Reagan describing the situation that John Thorn wrote about in his blog:

"There were several other stations broadcasting that game and I knew I’d lose my audience if I told them we’d lost our telegraph connections so I took a chance. I had Billy Jurges hit another foul. Then I had him foul one that only missed being a home run by a foot. I had him foul one back in the stands and took up some time describing the two lads that got in a fight over the ball. I kept on having him foul balls until I was setting a record for a ballplayer hitting successive foul balls and I was getting more than a little scared. Just then my operator started typing. When he passed me the paper I started to giggle — it said: “Jurges popped out on the first ball pitched.”

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