Friday, January 20, 2017

Josh Gibson Comes Alive on March 24th

There were many great black baseball players that never got their chance simply because of the color of their skin. Josh Gibson is the most prominent. It is only fitting that on the day our first black President leaves the White House that Josh Gibson is re-born thanks to Out of the Park Baseball.

Out of the Park Baseball 18 comes out on March 24th and today they announced their new features for the latest installment of the greatest simulation game on the market. The new feature that jumped out the most to me is the inclusion of the Negro Leagues and of course the great Josh Gibson. This is from the Out of the Park Baseball website:

With the help of, our historical database experts have been able to add most Negro leagues seasons to the historical minor league feature of Out of the Park Baseball 18, including accurate rosters and player statistics
The possibilities are endless with this new feature.

If you still haven't heard about Out of the Park Baseball, here is an interview I did with the guy who created it.

For more information about Out of the Park Baseball 18, check out the official announcement and also ways to order the game at a discount. 

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