Friday, December 9, 2016

How John Glenn Saved the Life of Ted Williams

John Glenn passed away yesterday after living one of the great lives in the history of our country. One aspect of his life was his connection with Ted Williams.

Ted was John's wingman in the Korean War and they remained close friends long after. There were not many people that Ted respected more than John Glenn. Glenn told a great story after one of his trips to space about Ted Williams:

"Told Ted Williams I saw one of his home runs in orbit.""How did he respond?""He paused for a second, and asked if it was still spinning"
Their relationship wasn't all just funny stories. Ted Williams credits John Glenn with saving his life. Here is an excerpt from a Boston Globe article by Hayden Bird:

In one especially difficult moment, Williams recalled how Glenn offered advice that helped Williams fly back to base safely. After getting hit by enemy anti-aircraft fire, Williams’s F9F Panther jet was ablaze. Glenn flew next to his wing and pointed up. Flying higher into thinner air, the fire was extinguished, allowing Williams to fly back to base.
Rest in Peace John Glenn

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