Monday, May 16, 2016

Is Xander Bogaerts the Best Hitter in Baseball?

Don't look now but Xander Bogaerts has become a superstar shortstop. His three run homer yesterday was the difference in a Red Sox victory as David Ortiz got a well deserved day off.
Bogaerts is now leading the American League in hits with 53, his .338 is fourth best in batting average. Even more telling is that he leads every shortstop in batting average, on base percentage, and slugging percentage. Does that make him the best hitter in all of baseball though? According to a catcher for the Oakland A's it does. Here is a quote from David Ortiz that showed up in this ESPN article:
“The A's catcher told me the other day that Bogaerts might be the best hitter in the game. He said that to me as I was walking to the plate. He got a two-strike base hit up the middle and he says that to me. When you hear things like that and think back to a guy who two years ago was trying to make it at the major league level. We are talking about guys in their 20s and not even in their mid-20s. The future is in good hands."
The Red Sox are living in the best of both worlds. They are winning now while building for the future. The core of their team is talented and young. The farm system has more impressive talent on the way. The future looks great but the best part of the future might already be here and playing shortstop.

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