Monday, December 7, 2015

Jose Fernandez and the Red Sox: Make it Hurt So Good

The Red Sox have made three deals so far this off-season. They got their fourth outfielder in Chris Young, their closer in Craig Kimbrel and of course there ace in David Price. Dave Dombrowski stated those were his goals this off-season and now says he is done with the major deals.

Does he really mean that? Dombrowski also made a statement that there would be some pain this off-season meaning that some fan favorites and touted prospects will be on the move. That has not happened yet. Dombrowski is known for trading prospects for superstars in their prime. Acquiring Kimbrel was a classic Dombrowski move but it wasn't really painful. The prospects the Sox gave up weren't the ones that have captured the imagination of Red Sox fans.

So when is the pain coming and could it be coming in the acquisition of Jose Fernandez? There is a report that the Marlins are listening to offers. The Dodgers are said to be one of the teams making offers along with two unnamed teams. I find it hard to believe that a team led by Dave Dombrowski is not one of those other teams. Can you imagine a rotation with Price and Fernandez at the top? How much pain would it take to get him? Is there a way the Sox could get him without giving up Yoan Moncada and/or Xander Bogaerts? If there is a way, Dombrowski has to make the move. The Red Sox starting rotation still needs to be bolstered. David Price was a huge piece, but the Sox need one more. Make it hurt so good.

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