Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Betting on the World Series Winner

Bet at William Hill baseball

The Blue Jays winning it all is the best possible news for the Red Sox. Big changes needed to be made this offseason for the Red Sox and there is nothing quite like a division rival winning it all to bring that into focus. Of course the Yankees are also a division rival but what self respecting Red Sox fan would ever pull for that?

Can the Blue Jays do it? Despite being one game back of the Yankees for the AL East crown, all signs point to the Blue Jays winning the division. These same signs also show the Blue Jays as the best team in baseball. Baseball Reference uses the SRS rating which stands for Simple Rating System. The rating system combines run differential with strength of schedule. The Blue Jays have the best run differential and the second best strength of schedule. This gives them with the highest SRS in baseball. Coincidentally, the Red Sox have played the toughest schedule in baseball to this point in the season.

While the analytics have the Blue Jays the best team their World Series odds are not listed as the best. Bet at William Hill Baseball has the Blue Jays at +600 to win it all. This is tied with the Cardinals for the second best odds behind the Kansas City Royals who are at +450. The Royals have the 4th best SRS in baseball.

What about a sleeper? How about the Orioles? The Orioles of course are another division rival and they are tied with the second best SRS in baseball. They currently sit 4 games back in the AL East but have a one game lead for the final wildcard spot. Their odds at Bet William Hill Baseball are a very appealing +3000 which is just the 13th best odds on the board.

What about the overrated teams? Well the Dodgers and Mets sit at 11th and 14th in the SRS standings but they have the fourth and fifth best odds to win it all. According to Bet at William Hill Baseball the Mets have +800 odds while the Dodgers have +700. The Mets and Dodgers are similar though in that they are both loaded with big time pitching and when it comes to the postseason, a pitcher can take over like no other player. The Mets and Dodgers have more than one pitcher who could do this.

The best bet is the Blue Jays but if you are looking for a possible big payout, look into the Orioles. If you really feel like taking a gamble, pretend it is 1979 all over again and Bet at William Hill Baseball on the World Series matchup of the Orioles vs Pirates. The odds for that matchup right now is +11000  Good luck.

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