Friday, March 27, 2015

How Believable is David Ortiz?

When it comes to athletes and PED use the rule of thumb is to not believe a word out of their mouths, We have been burned too many times. David Ortiz came out swinging in this Players Tribune piece about his innocence when it comes to being a cheater. He uses two defense mechanisms synonymous with PED users and liars. The first is that "he never knowingly" took any PEDs. This is out of the Barry Bonds playbook. His second defense rationale is to point to his lack of failed drug tests. This has been used by the likes of Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez, not exactly great company. Until there is blood testing the argument that you never failed a test is a bit flimsy. Does this make Ortiz a liar? Not necessarily.

It is now 2015, Ortiz showed up on the list of those who failed a test in 2003. It has been 12 years and in that time Ortiz's name has not been brought up in any new allegations. There hasn't been a supplier that has come forward, his name has not surfaced in any federal investigations of PED labs. Either David Ortiz is the smartest cheater ever or he is telling the truth and has been clean. I realize I am biased, but I find it hard to believe that if Ortiz has been a rampant user for the last decade plus that he has managed to keep it quiet. The world is too small now. I am not naive though, I realize there could be a breaking news story tomorrow that the Federal Government is investigating some drug lab and Ortiz's name is at the top of the list and has been a client for the last decade. However, as each day passes, and we get further away from 2003 you start to find Ortiz's explanation logical. He says he was taking supplements over the counter from GNC and the only explanation he has for his failed test in 2003 is there may have been something in what he was taking that was tagged as illegal by MLB. This explanation does hold merit because there are things you can get over the counter at a place like GNC that MLB does consider illegal. If Ortiz is telling the truth, his anger is justified. If he is lying, he joins a growing list. I believe him....until further notice.

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