Monday, March 9, 2015

Career in Jeopardy for Cliff Lee

There was talk that the Red Sox should go after Cliff Lee instead of Cole Hamels. The Sox would like to add pitching without giving up Mookie Betts and Blake Swihart. The consensus was the Red Sox could get Lee without giving up those two. The issue? Lee's health and that question reared its ugly head this weekend as Cliff Lee complained of elbow discomfort. 

"It would be 6-8 months out," Lee said. "So basically if I have the surgery this season will be done. Possibly my career I guess. I don't know. We'll have to see."
Lee said he "felt a little something" in his elbow Friday, the day after his spring debut, in the same place where he dealt with an injury last season, and that it had been months since he felt any pain.
"And it was really mild, but, it's just concerning because I knew what it turned into last year, and I just wanted to be open. I wasn't trying to hide anything," Lee said. "I truly felt nothing for months and then all of a sudden there it is after the first time I pitch in a game. I was open and honest with our trainers and hoped to nip it in the bud as quick as we can and hope that it's just a little twinge or something from really cranking it up the first time in a while."
Lee made just 13 starts last season and did not undergo surgery on the elbow after three doctors told him he'd have an "upper-90 percent chance" to heal by rest.

Look for the Red Sox to stand pat for now and that may mean losing out on Hamels to the Yankees. Reports suggest that the Yankees are the closest to acquiring him. Betts and Swihart have a chance to be special and the Red Sox might have an ace emerge organically this season. One thing is for sure, the Cliff Lee option is all but dead and if not, the price just went down.

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