Thursday, February 19, 2015

Will Pablo Sandoval Be a Big Fat Flop in Boston?

Pablo Sandoval reported to camp yesterday looking a bit out of shape. Red Sox fans are officially in panic mode. Does his weight really matter? This is an issue the Giants have dealt with over the years and one Giant coach explained that Sandoval's weight will always be an issue. Is this why the Red Sox should be concerned?

I am more concerned with his bloated contract. Pablo Sandoval is a very good player getting paid a salary that a superstar gets. Sandoval is not a superstar. Pablo grew up in the Giants organization and for the first time in his career he is changing teams. Not only is he changing teams but he is doing so with a big salary. The natural tendency is to press and try to show your new team and fans that you are worth the money. The contract also has a way of making you try to be something you are not. Carl Crawford found that out the hard way. The big contract the Sox gave Carl made him think that he needed to hit home-runs and drive in runs. This isn't why he was brought to Boston. He was brought to Boston to be what he was in Tampa.  He stopped being who he was and crumbled mentally and physically.

By all accounts, Sandoval is a great clubhouse guy who is also a fan favorite. His personality may save him as he transitions. He may truly be comfortable in his own skin which will allow him to go out and play like he did for the Giants. If that is the case, the Red Sox will be very good. If Sandoval struggles early it could spiral out of control.

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