Monday, February 23, 2015

The Yoan Moncada Signing and How it Affects the Red Sox Roster

The Red Sox appear to have won the bidding war on Yoan Moncada. Nine teams were after Moncada, including the Yankees. The Red Sox reportedly offered $31.5 million, the Yankees reportedly went as high as $25 million.

The tax on Moncada is at 100% so the official cost to the Red Sox will be around $63 million, if the reports are correct.

Moncada can play second base, shortstop and third base. He is just 19 years old and is thought to be two years away from being ready for MLB. He is highly regarded among scouts. If he were eligible to enter the draft this year, the general consensus is that he would be in the mix to be the #1 overall selection.

Where will he play? The Sox have Dustin Pedroia signed for seven more years, Xander Bogaerts is the supposed shortstop of the future and Pablo Sandoval was just signed for five years to play third base. 2017 appears to be the year that Moncada will be ready for a spot in the lineup. At that point, David Ortiz will likely be gone and Pablo Sandoval might be ready to move into the full time DH role clearing a spot for Moncada at third base.

It is a lot of money for a 19 year old who is at least two years away from being MLB ready. However, the Sox envision him and Rusney Castillo as a dynamic 1-2 punch for years to come. It is a risk that will cost the Sox $63 million. Proper perspective reminds us though that the Yankees still owe a guy named Alex Rodriguez $61 million. What team would you rather be?

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