Monday, February 2, 2015

Blake Swihart vs Christian Vazquez: What will the Red Sox Do?

Blake Swihart was named the top prospect in the Red Sox organization by Keith Law and the 10th overall in MLB. Christian Vazquez came up last year for the Red Sox and is slated to be the everyday catcher for the 2015 season. What will the Red Sox do?

Blake Swihart appears to be a September call up this season with next year being the target date for being an every day major league player, The question then is what to do with Christian Vazquez? Vazquez is the superior defensive catcher while Swihart is the superior offensive catcher. Swihart has made great gains in his defense though and the gap is no longer that wide. Offensively Swihart has the opportunity to be a superstar. Keith Law was asked on his weekly chat of Swihart might be moved to first base. Law feels that would be a mistake. He is too good of a defensive catcher and while he might not be quite as good as Vazquez the combination of offense and defense tilts toward Swihart. It will be interesting to see what the Sox do next year. It is nice problem to have.

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