Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jon Lester Headed to the Atlanta Braves?

Jon Lester has officially been scratched from his start tomorrow night making it very likely that he will be traded before the deadline this week. 

WEEI is reporting that the Baltimore Orioles are no longer one of the teams after him. That leaves the Dodgers, Cardinals, Pirates and the Braves. The Dodgers already have the best rotation in baseball. I just don't see them going after Lester. Look for the Braves to come through and meet the Red Sox asking price. Just a guess and a request. The Braves could use him.

The Red Sox need to trade Lester. It is pretty clear the Red Sox have no desire to sign Lester for the number of years he is requesting and will be sure to get in the open market. It is also clear that Lester would prefer to stay in Boston. It is a long shot the Sox have Lester in uniform next year but it is also pretty clear that trading him now doesn't hurt their chances to sign him in the off-season. The Red Sox could decide in the heat of the hot stove season to step up and offer him what the other teams are willing to offer. If they do, Lester could be back in Boston along with the two upper tier prospects they get from the Braves. Stay tuned.

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