Thursday, February 13, 2014

Derek Jeter Retirement: Setting the Record Straight

Derek Jeter announced that 2014 will be his final season and the media began to wax poetically about his greatness. Don't get me wrong, Jeter is a great player and had a great career and he won the great shortstop debate between Nomar Garciaparra and Alex Rodriguez. I tip my hat to him. He played hard and did play the game the right way. I have posted many times about Derek Jeter on this blog. You can see all my posts about him right here.

However, the nonsense about his leadership and unselfishness makes me want to puke. Derek has an ego and is selfish just like any other pro athlete. The media likes to compare him to Joe Dimaggio with his "quiet class". I agree with that comparison. He is a lot like Joe, and that is not a compliment. I blogged about this in my post called The Captain?

Rick Sutcliffe gushed about how Jeter was all about winning and if he felt the Yankees were better off without him ten years earlier he would have retired then. Really Rick? It was interesting he picked ten years ago since that was the year the Yankees traded for the best shortstop in the game and Jeter did not move from his position. What a leader. I blogged about his lack of leadership in a post titled The Derek Jeter Debate Continues.

Jeter was a great player but he was overrated. That is not his fault. That is a product of playing for the Yankees. He had his flaws, mainly defensively where he was below average his whole career. I addressed that in a blog post when it was suggested by some that he was better than Chipper Jones. In that post titled Why Chipper Jones is Better Than Derek Jeter, it becomes clear that he is not in the class of Larry Wayne Jones.

I also blogged Will Derek Jeter Prove Me Wrong? By retiring, he has in a way. I really thought he would hang on to the real bitter end and really put the Yankees in an awful situation. Maybe he finally did put the team first.

I don't hate Derek, I just hate this false narrative. I even wrote him a love letter which is fitting since tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Here it is My Love Letter to Derek Jeter. Happy retirement Derek.

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