Monday, January 27, 2014

Jason Varitek's Wife Bashes Alex Rodriguez

Jonny Gomes is the latest to take a shot at Alex Rodriguez with this quote:

"He does steroids or whatever, it sucks. He does this or that, it sucks. He's always in the news, it sucks," the Red Sox left fielder told the Boston Herald. "But this is the players' union he's going against. It's all of us. Not a real good idea."

The lawsuit against the player’s union has not gone over well. It was reported that a group of players wanted AROD kicked out of the union.

A couple weeks earlier it was the lawyer for AROD who seemed to take a shot at David Ortiz on an ESPN radio interview. Joe Tacopino said he would not name other players accused of using performance enhancing drugs, “but some of them are God-like in Boston right now.”  The comments seemed to be clearly referencing Red Sox slugger David Ortiz.

Ortiz could not be reached for comment and Tacopina would later email the Boston Globe and deny he was alluding to Ortiz with his comments, but would not say who he was referencing.

Enter the wife of Boston Red Sox legend Jason Varitek. Catherine Varitek is pretty active twitter while her husband is not on twitter at all. 

As the story broke about Tacopino and his comments, I tweeted Mrs. Varitek suggesting maybe it was time for Papi to call on Varitek to take care of AROD like he did in 2004. Her response was classic.

In A-Rod’s defense, these were the words of his lawyer and not his, but at the end of the day, your lawyer does represent you. It is especially puzzling since Ortiz has been in the minority in showing support for A-Rod.

Big Papi invited A-Rod to his charity golf tournament in December, took him out to dinner in Boston last season, and criticized teammate Ryan Dempster for using A-Rod for target practice as the Fenway crowd cheered. Thanks for nothing, A-Rod.

A-Rod is slowly becoming a man without a country. While most major leaguers do not like him, he is well liked within his clubhouse, especially by the younger guys. A-Rod is famous for taking the rookies under his wing, letting them stay at his house and buying them suits for them to wear on road trips.

Tacopino ended his interview by saying that A-Rod is an “outstanding human being.” I am sure Tacopino is not the only person who feels that way, but A-Rod is in full bridge burning mode right now. His only supporters left standing could be the ones on his payroll.

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