Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baseball, Betting and Baseball Betting Dorks

I love baseball, I love podcasts and I love gambling. It is no surprise then that one of my favorite podcast episodes of the year belongs to Chad Millman and Gill Alexander. Gill lives in California and during the week he goes to Vegas, bets baseball and stays in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. He was guest on the Beyond the Bets Podcast with Chad talking about this lifestyle. Many other professional gamblers come on the podcast with Chad and talk about how their life is not as glamorous as people think and how it really is a grind. I am sure all of that is true but Gill seemed to love his life. I tweeted to Gill that in my next life I want to come back as him.

Here is the podcast episode. It is a must listen. It is back from June. Needless to say I got behind in my podcasts.

Gill also does his own podcast called Betting Dork. Tons of great podcast dealing with MLB betting. Check it out.

Speaking of baseball betting, here is the latest from the Basement Bookie on how he bets baseball and also releases his baseball picks for tonight.

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