Friday, August 23, 2013

Soul of The Game: Jackie Robinson Movie

Baseball has a lot of issues and the black eyes on the game are visible. However, baseball is not only great but it will always be important. 50 years ago this week Martin Luther King gave his famous "I Have a Dream Speech" during the historic march on Washington. Keep in mind that it was baseball that got the ball rolling in this country when it came to desegregation and equal rights to blacks.

16 years before MLK inspired so many with his speech, it was Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby entering a brave new world for race relations. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus eight years after Jackie and Larry. Baseball does a lot of things wrong but this is one thing they got right and not only did they get it right, they were first.

Is there a march on Washington without Jackie and Larry? Is there a Rosa Parks? We will never know but it is easy to see that MLB shattering the color barrier made it a lot easier for there to be a Dr. King and a Rosa Parks. So while you celebrate the 50 year anniversary, don't forget about baseball and the role it played.

While we are on the topic, let's talk about movies. I have yet to see 42 as of yet. I am sure I will eventually see it but the reviews have me a little hesitant to see it. It sounds like a great movie to show youngsters who don't know the story but for baseball nerds like me it sounds like a very superficial Hollywood production. Once again, I have not seen it so I don't want to kill the movie. I just wish Spike Lee had the opportunity to make the movie. I want a movie that has more depth to it and really gets into the mind of Jackie. I don't think 42 does that.

My favorite movie on this subject still is Soul of the Game. If you have not seen it, you need to. The only bad thing about the movie is no mention of Larry Doby. I have a soft spot for Larry. He was born and raised here in South Carolina, was a great ballplayer and made his debut just a few months after Jackie. We seem to only celebrate the first. Larry gets short changed. He went through all the crap that Jackie had to endure but without all the adulation that would eventually come to Jackie. It is sad when you think about it. I always make it a point to let kids here in South Carolina know all about Larry Doby. If you bring up Jackie, you need to bring up Larry as well. He deserves it.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baseball, Betting and Baseball Betting Dorks

I love baseball, I love podcasts and I love gambling. It is no surprise then that one of my favorite podcast episodes of the year belongs to Chad Millman and Gill Alexander. Gill lives in California and during the week he goes to Vegas, bets baseball and stays in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. He was guest on the Beyond the Bets Podcast with Chad talking about this lifestyle. Many other professional gamblers come on the podcast with Chad and talk about how their life is not as glamorous as people think and how it really is a grind. I am sure all of that is true but Gill seemed to love his life. I tweeted to Gill that in my next life I want to come back as him.

Here is the podcast episode. It is a must listen. It is back from June. Needless to say I got behind in my podcasts.

Gill also does his own podcast called Betting Dork. Tons of great podcast dealing with MLB betting. Check it out.

Speaking of baseball betting, here is the latest from the Basement Bookie on how he bets baseball and also releases his baseball picks for tonight.