Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Will Middlebrooks is Angry

I didn't get much reaction when I first posted about Will Middlebrooks playing with two broken ribs. However, that all changed when I revealed that Middlebrooks was my source and I went ahead and posted the direct message twitter conversation as the proof.

Peter Abraham quickly followed me on twitter to scold me over direct message saying that it was awful of me to try and hurt Middlebrooks like that.

The truth is I posted the Middlebrooks conversation in an effort to defend him from his growing critics. When Middlebrooks first told me that he was going to play through the injury and keep it quiet I had a bad feeling that it would not end well.

Middlebrooks followed me again on twitter briefly to contact me via direct message once I posted the story. He was not happy. He accused me of trying to stir things up and mess with his career. We went back and forth for a while and I tried to explain to him the exact opposite.

Middlebrooks is listed as going on the DL with back spasms. Very few people go on the DL with back spasms and since he does have two broken ribs this stint on the DL will probably last a bit longer than most fans realize. Middlebrooks is setting himself up to be labeled soft when the truth is he is anything but soft. Jacoby Ellsbury knows all about trying to deal with that unfair label. Middlebrooks insisted he did not need my help and wanted to do things his way. He calmed down a bit at the end and insisted he was not worried about the fans perception of him. It was clear that he did not want to deal with the issue with the media though.

Middlebrooks has every right to be upset. I did promise I would not post the information. However, our original conversation puts Will in the best light. He comes off as a team first guy who doesn't care about individual numbers but only wins. He also comes off as one tough as hell ballplayer. A far cry from the growing perception that he is a flash in the pan who has regressed defensively and now has to go on the DL because he can't handle "back spasms". My intent was to do Middlebrooks a favor.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Will Middlebrooks Admits to Two Broken and Separated Ribs

Will Middlebrooks was placed on the disabled list with back issues but as was reported on this blog weeks ago he has been playing with two broken and separated ribs stemming from the collision with David Ross.

My source was Middlebrooks himself who told me about the injury the day after it all happened through twitter direct messages.

It all started when one of those basic idiots on twitter was tweeting Middlebrooks about how awful he was playing This happens a lot on twitter. It usually comes from the guy living in mom's basement in hopes that they can get a rise out of the player. A buffet loving Mets fan tried this with Chipper Jones on twitter a few months back and Chipper fired back along with all his fans. Shockingly, the Mets fan who dished it out could not take it and went to the media to call Chipper a bully. I blogged about that here.

Middlebrooks kept his cool with this guy but I tweeted at him instead. Next thing I know Middlebrooks began following me on twitter and sending me direct messages. The next game was when Middlebrooks would collide with David Ross. I tweeted Middlebrooks the next morning about his great defensive play and how I hoped he wasn't in too much pain. Will responded via direct twitter message that he had in fact broken and separated two ribs.

Below is the pictures of our conversations and as you can see the last message I sent did not go through as Middlebrooks had stopped following me by then making it impossible to send him a direct message.

Will has been taking criticism about his play which is Will's fault for not coming out and being honest that he was trying to play through this painful injury. It is clear the pain was affecting his play, especially in the field. The DL stint is exactly what he needs.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Will Middlebrooks Playing with Two Broken Ribs

The Red Sox have dropped six of their last seven and the bandwagon is quickly emptying out. Bad luck, sloppy play, poor pitching and injuries have been the main issues. One of those injured is Will Middlebrooks. He is hurt much more than he or the Red Sox have led you to believe. An inside source has told me that Middlebrooks has two broken and separated ribs. The third baseman was and is hell bent on playing through it. Apparently he was able to convince the Red Sox to let him play but also to keep the details of his injury quiet.

Middlebrooks is the ultimate gamer and feels the team needs him out there. The Red Sox do not have many options to replace him at this point. Middlebrooks wanted to keep it quiet because he did not want to be questioned on a nightly basis about playing with two broken ribs.

I applaud Middlebrooks for his toughness and his desire to not let the team down. This could very easily backfire in a number of ways. It sets Will up to really be crucified by the media and fans. He already was struggling but a healthy Middlebrooks could easily turn it around, an injured one may not. He could then be easily labeled a flash in the pan when the truth is that he wasn't healthy.

 The other scenario is the pain becomes too great, does further damage to his ribs and has to miss significant time. He will then be labeled soft or the new J.D Drew. I can already see the message board goons calling him Wilma Middlebrooks. After all, the ill informed will rationalize that all he had was bruised ribs. Ask Jacoby Ellsbury about perception and reality.

 Coming out and being honest about it would be best for all parties involved. A short trip to the DL so his broken ribs could heal could be exactly what he needs physically and mentally.

 To his credit, Middlebrooks seems to understand how this can backfire but it does not seem to bother him. He joked about how he was already struggling and hearing it from the fans. He believes in himself though and is only worried about the team. He truly believes that him being out there playing through it gives the Sox the best chance to win.