Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chipper Jones Gets Even with Mets Fan on Twitter

I blogged the other day about Chipper Jones and how it would be very strange without him playing this season. I am back on the Chipper Jones topic again today but this time for a different reason and it involves the pathetic Mets and their equally pathetic fans.

As you may already know Chipper kind of owned the Mets during his career. A career .949 OPS with 49 homers and 159 RBI can make a pathetic Mets fan act even more pathetic. That was on display this past Friday as Chipper was tweeting while watching college basketball

Oh is that how they play basketball at Kansas?? Cheap shot bruh! Don't mess with another man's nuggets!

This got an innocent tweet from a Phillies fan in response

Which then led to this response from Roth

Isn't that special? Young David is proud of himself. He helped make Chipper mad. All those years of yelling "Larry" never could do it but now he got his revenge. As I said, it is not only the Mets franchise that is pathetic but also their fans. Be proud Mets fans

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