Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Josh Hamilton to the Boston Red Sox?

The buzz has begun, the Red Sox appear to be in the hunt for Josh Hamilton. A few weeks ago I said that the Red Sox would be crazy to go after Zack Greinke or Josh Hamilton. I still feel the same away about Greinke but Hamilton has started to grow on me.

 I am kind of ashamed of myself. Haven't we learned this lesson before? Despite the past lessons, if the Red Sox announced that they had signed Josh Hamilton I would be excited. I am no better than the moron Red Sox fans who got all over Theo for his "bridge year" comments and then trashed Theo for over spending. So what should the Red Sox do?

 I think they should offer him big money over a shorter contract. If the Red Sox give in and give him 8 years at $160 million I will be sick to my stomach. However, if the Red Sox can sign him for 3 years at $90 million then it would be huge. It all depends on the market. The Sox did a great job with Mike Napoli and not giving in on that fourth year. What is the cut off point? Lucchino mentioned the Sox were done giving out contracts of over 5 years. Reports say the Red Sox will not offer Hamilton anything beyond 3 years.  I would start at 3 years $90 million and stand firm. If it appears the Sox will only be able to get him by adding a 4th year then I would probably give in.

If it doesn't work out they can always ask the Dodgers for bail out help in 2014.

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