Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Victor Martinez to the Red Sox?

So the Red Sox need someone to play first base and someone who is a good clubhouse guy. Why can't we get more players like Victor Martinez? Oh wait..... Anyway, there has been talk about the Sox bringing back Jason Bay and Kevin Youkilis, why not Victor?

There is one problem of course, Martinez is not a free agent. Victor missed this past year due to injury and it looks like he will share time at first base, catcher and DH for the Tigers in 2013. Would the Tigers be willing to let him go? I am calling on my Tiger friends, what would it take to get Victor Martinez back in a Red Sox uniform?

Speaking of the Tigers and their fans, they are a great little group to follow on twitter. The most entertaining of them all is Ty Cobb of course. Ty and the other Tiger fans made me appreciate Red Sox fans more. It seems I argue with Red Sox fans more on twitter then I get along with them on twitter. It really bothered me. How can I disagree so much with people who share the same rooting interest as I do? Then I watched Ty get in his own spats on twitter with other Tiger fans. The spats were very entertaining especially since I was not involved. It made me realize that all fan bases have this issue. Follow along @The_Ty_Cobb

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