Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Michael Kay and Fatherhood, Yankees on YES til 2042

I have said this before and I will say it again, I am a Michael Kay fan. He might be the only thing associated with the Yankees that I do like. I download and listen to the podcast of his radio show almost daily. It is great for passing the time on the treadmill. He has great guests, a great interview style and great chemistry with his co-host Don LaGreca. The best parts of the show is when Kay becomes upset and goes on a rant and uses the word "gutless" over and over again. Great stuff. A sincere congratulations to him and his drop dead gorgeous wife Jodi who will be expecting a child. Great news for Michael, bad news for a world that does not need another Yankee fan.

Speaking of the Yankees and Michael Kay, the Yankees will remain on the YES Network until at least the year 2042. This will also be the final year of Alex Rodriguez's current contract, well close enough. I really think Derek Jeter and AROD will be showing their age by 2042. I am sure Mariano Rivera will still be throwing strikes.This news for the YES Network comes thanks to the huge deal with News Corp. Let's just hope Kay is not replaced in the booth by Bill O'Reilly.

I hate to continue to shower Kay with praise but the YES Network does a great job with Yankee games. Kay is great at what he does and it is a very well done broadcast. I hate to admit it, but YES does a much better job with Yankee games than NESN does with Red Sox games. The truth hurts sometimes. Now the Yankee radio broadcasts are a different story


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