Friday, July 15, 2011

Roger Clemens Strikes Out the Government

Sometimes things work out for stupid people. Roger Clemens is the real life Forrest Gump.

The Texas Con Man demanded to be heard by Congress when he didn't have to be heard and lied through his teeth. The Government went after him for perjury and lost badly when the judge declared a mistrial during day two.

Clemens will now wait until September when it will be decided whether or not the trial will get a second life. The likelihood of a second trial is remote since the Government has already spent $10 million in tax payer's money to go after the Rocket.

Cases are won in lost during jury selection and the judges ruling. Judge Walton ruled early on that the prosecutors could not use info about other players and their PED use. When the prosecutors showed a video tape that talked about Andy Pettitte and his testimony the rules were broken. It doesn't make Clemens any more innocent than Casey Anthony. It does make him a free man though.

Clemens denial is all about protecting his legacy. Roger has won the battle for his freedom but his legacy has been destroyed. Is there really anyone out there who believes he never touched any performance enhancing drugs? There is too much evidence against him and his story doesn't make any sense to the general public. He will be lumped in with all the other cheaters during the steroid era and will only get into the Hall of Fame when all the rest do. Maybe things are not working out for Roger after all.

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