Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Roger Clemens is the Texas Con Man

One day after the Casey Anthony trial ends, the Roger Clemens trial will begin. The Texas Con Man gets his day in court and somewhere Will McDonough is smiling and not the least bit shocked at the turn of events in the life of the Rocket.

Roger is facing perjury charges where a conviction could lead to jail time. I can't imagine Roger beating this. His story is absolutely ridiculous. His lies are so bad they are comical. However, anything can happen as we all just found out in the Casey Anthony trial.

The case centers around Roger, his trainer Brian McNamee, Andy Pettitte and Roger's wife. Click here to read what I wrote a few months ago about this very interesting relationship.

I am sure Clemens has his supporters. I used to be one. As a boy he was my hero. I hated Will McDonough and Dan Duquette. I thought John McNamara was a liar, there was no way my baseball idol would ever ask out of Game 6 of the World Series. I was wrong though. Will McDonough was right, Clemens is a con man. Duquette was right, Clemens was in the twilight of his career and ended up turning to PED's because Roger also knew it was true. John McNamara was right, Roger did ask out of Game 6 of the World Series because he had a blister. Do I have evidence? None, but I have learned that Roger tends to lie when his lips move.

Here is my reminder about what you need to believe in order to believe Roger is innocent:

First we look at the facts. All these things did happen as all parties involved admitted to it happening:

  • Andy Pettitte was injected with HGH by Brian McNamee
  • Chuck Knoblauch was injected with HGH by Brian McNamee
  • Debbie Clemens was injected with HGH by Brian McNamee
  • Brian McNamee was Roger Clemens personal trainer and also worked for the Blue Jays and later the Yankees.

Now we look at the disputed facts:

  • Brian McNamee says he injected Clemens with HGH
  • Andy Pettitte says Roger Clemens told him that McNamee injected him with HGH
  • Roger Clemens says he has never used steroids or HGH
  • Roger says he never talked with Andy Pettitte about steroids or HGH and Andy just "misremembered"
  • Roger says he never even heard of steroids or HGH until his wife told him that Brian McNamee injected her with HGH at the family home when Roger was out.
  • Roger says Brian McNamee only injected him with B12 shots in the buttocks.

Who ya got? Let the trial begin.

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