Friday, February 11, 2011

With a Friend Like Roger Clemens, Who Needs Enemies?

Andy Pettitte has officially retired making the Yankees rotation as thin as a super model. Andy said it was time to leave the game because he no longer possessed the drive needed to compete. He elaborated about missing his family and the seven month grind of being away from them being too much of a sacrifice to continue to make . The left hander denied that the upcoming Roger Clemens perjury trial had anything to do with it. It does make you wonder though, not if this made Pettitte retire but what to make of the current relationship between Roger and Andy.  
Andy and I actually have a lot in common. Well, that might be a stretch.Let's just say we have one thing in common. We both grew up idolizing Roger Clemens. I got burned when Roger became a Yankee. Andy got burned when Roger said Andy "misremembered". Sorry Andy,but I got the better end of the deal. The sad thing is that according to most reports the two no longer speak. Best friends, teammates, and workout partners now are distant from each other. The irony is it's not Andy that ended the friendship, it's Roger. Clemens put his friend in an awful position and then expected him to lie for him out of loyalty. When Andy didn't, Roger cut off ties. Greg Anderson was not someone Andy Pettitte wanted to be but somehow the Rocket expected that out of Andy.
As a boy I idolized Clemens. As I grew up I defended him. I called Will McDonough every name in the book for constantly attacking Roger in the paper. I called John McNamara a liar when he said that Clemens asked out of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. I called Dan Duquette a moron for saying #21 was in the twilight of his career. I was wrong. I was 0-3. I got burned but not as bad as Andy has.
Pettitte admitted HGH use. He said he only used it a couple of times to get over an injury. Do I believe him? I don't know. It is tough to believe any of the players in this era when PED use runs rampant. However, by all accounts Andy Pettitte is viewed as an honest guy so I am more inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. I don't want to come off as the moral authority here. Truth be told if I was a baseball player during the PED years I would have been tempted and that is putting it mildly. However, I do think I would have come clean and been honest about why I used them when confronted. The excuses and awful explanations we have heard so far from the likes of Mark McGwire and others have been absurd. However, at least they did come clean. We are still waiting for Roger to do so.
Clemens in still in full denial. Evidence upon evidence has been stacked against him. His lies have been laughable and offensive. There is nothing worse than a guy who thinks everyone around him is stupid and that is exactly how Roger feels about the fans and anyone who has questioned him about his PED use. To believe Roger Clemens and his stories would be to take a leap off the island of common sense.

 Let me paint you a picture. Brian McNamee is Roger's trainer who has admitted to receiving HGH and injecting it into a handful of players including Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens. Oh, I almost forgot, he also injected Debbie Clemens, Roger's wife. Every player that McNamee has named has come forward and admitted these accusations to be true including Andy Pettitte and oh yeah Debbie Clemens. 

Andy Pettitte under oath explained that Roger is the one who told him about the injections that McNamee was providing. Roger's response? "Andy must have misremembered the conversation". Roger's response to McNamee injecting him "He would only inject me with B12 shots in my rear end". Of course ask any doctor and they will tell you that B12 shots are always given in the arm. Roger also admits that his wife got HGH injections from Mr. McNamee but Roger said he had no idea at the time and had no idea even what HGH was and how it worked. Clemens continues to stick to the same story as he heads to a perjury trial with possible jail time waiting in the wings. To believe him is to believe his best friend and his wife were getting injections of HGH by Roger's trainer and close friend, but Roger was never getting the HGH injections, only B12 shots to the wrong part of the body while Andy misremembered conversations and all the while Roger still wasn't sure what HGH or PED's were and how they actually worked. Somewhere Will McDonough is smiling. He tried to warn us all. Will would refer to Roger as The Texas Con Man. McDonough saw back then what we are all seeing now. I apologize for not believing Mr. McDonough. I apologize for not believing Mr. McNamara and I especially apologize to Mr. Dan Duquette. They were all right and I was all wrong. Now I just feel bad for Andy Pettitte.

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