Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Running the Red Sox: 1939 and Beyond

The baseball career of Ted Williams was great but it could have been so much more. He missed parts of five seasons in the prime of his career due to military service. When he finally was done with his service to our country, the Red Sox lacked the talent around him to compete.

Out of the Park Baseball 19 comes to the rescue. I will use it to take over the Red Sox in 1939 and try to lead them and Ted Williams to a World Series ring. It won't be easy as the Yankees will be loaded.

Here are the details:

I am going to make free agency available. Marvin Miller would be proud of me. There will be no draft. The players will go to their real life organizations as they come into the league. For example, Johnny Pesky will be added to the Red Sox organization before the 1940 season. I am doing this to make it more challenging to overtake the Yankees and the other great teams in the AL during that time.

Upon starting this history re-write I was greeted with some immediate bad news, Dom DiMaggio was scooped up by the Washington Senators. DiMaggio was on the San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League. In real life, the Red Sox signed him away from the Seals in November of 1939. I attempted to do it in March of 1939 but the Senators also wanted him and they won.

It's not all bad news, in the Red Sox system is a guy named Pee Wee Reese. Many people don't realize that Reese was in the Red Sox organization first. The issue was that Joe Cronin was the Red Sox SS and Player/Manager. Reese was traded and many thought it was done because Cronin felt threatened. Reese was traded to the Dodgers in July of 1939 for $35,000 and two players to be named later. Those players turned out to be Red Evans and Art Parks, It's safe to say the Dodgers won this trade.

Follow along here on the blog and on twitter @thepeskypole as I give updates as to how I am doing running the Red Sox. It should be interesting to see what happens and to also see the stats so many players are able to put up without having their careers shortened because of military service. Can Ted Williams hit 700 homer?

Send me your suggestions on what moves you would make if you were running the Red Sox starting in 1939.

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