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Running the Red Sox, 1939 and Beyond: Cronin Out, Pee Wee In

We opened the 1939 season in Yankee Stadium and Lefty Grove was impressive leading the Red Sox to an Opening Day win over the powerful Yankees. I realized that while Grove was great, he was 39 years old and by far the best pitcher on this Red Sox team. That isn't good. We needed to get more pitching. The great Red Sox teams during the Ted Williams era never had enough pitching. The Red Sox in the Theo Epstein era always made sure to go after pitching. If we were going to re-write history and have a chance at a better outcome we needed to get pitching.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am using Out of the Park Baseball to re-create this history. I am not making it easy on myself. I have trading set on very hard and for it to favor prospects. I also play by one more rule, I can only go after guys in trades that are on the league wide trading block. Now once in discussion with a team on that player I am allowed to ask for other players as long as the original guy on the trading block is in the trade. It is just my way of making it more realistic and more difficult.

There were a handful of pitchers on the trading block but either the teams wanted too much in return or didn't want to trade with me at all. The only exception was the St. Louis Cardinals and their pitcher Bob Weiland. Weiland was on the block and the Cardinals were asking for Joe Cronin in return. Cronin was someone I was looking to move. While he was still a great hitter, his fielding at SS was average and the Sox did have Pee Wee Reese in the minors. Look at my post from yesterday about how the Red Sox in real life traded away Pee Wee Reese in a horrible move.

While I was willing to move Cronin I wasn't going to give him up just for Weiland. I also wanted the Cardinals pitching prospect in the minors by the name of Harry Brecheen. The Cardinals were open to that but wanted some lower tier prospects in return. Eventually we agreed on a huge deal in which I was also able to get Buster Adams who is prospect in AA who can play third base and the outfield. The final deal looked like this:

Weiland, is by no means great but I think Brecheen is the guy who will really help out the rotation in the future. Weiland is good enough or the Sox rotation is bad enough that he becomes the #2 guy in the rotation and he was on the hill in the second game of the season in Yankee Stadium. He was sharp early and had a lead early but one bad inning ruined his day and his day for the Sox. Pee Wee Reese was really good defensively but the lineup definitely is whole lot shorter without the bat of Joe Cronin.

Here is the boxscore from the second game of the season and the new look 1939 Red Sox Remember, follow the progress of this history re-creation here and also follow me on twitter @thepeskypole

J. Tabor 3B3001102.12501
B. Doerr 2B5220011.22200
T. Williams RF1200300.20001
J. Foxx 1B3123101.50013
D. Cramer CF4012002.37503
   a-S. Spence PR, CF0000000.00000
J. Vosmik LF4010004.25001
J. Peacock C3000101.14300
P. Reese SS3100102.00000
B. Weiland P1000011.00000
   b-C. Morgan PH1000010.00000
   D. Galehouse P0000000.00000
a - S. Spence pinch ran for D. Cramer in the 7th
b - C. Morgan pinch hit for B. Weiland in the 8th

Doubles: D. Cramer (1, 7th Inning off M. Russo, 2 on, 1 out) J. Vosmik (1, 6th Inning off M. Pearson, 0 on, 0 outs) B. Doerr (1, 7th Inning off M. Pearson, 0 on, 1 out)
Home Runs: J. Foxx (1, 3rd Inning off M. Pearson, 1 on, 1 out)
Total Bases: D. Cramer 2 , J. Vosmik 2 , J. Foxx 5 , B. Doerr 3
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: B. Weiland , J. Vosmik , J. Tabor , B. Doerr
GIDP: J. Foxx
Sac Bunt: B. Weiland 2
Sac Fly: J. Tabor
Hit by Pitch: T. Williams
Team LOB: 5

CS: J. Tabor (1)

Errors: J. Tabor (1) , J. Peacock (1)
Double Plays: 1 (Doerr-Reese-Foxx)
G. Selkirk LF4233002.66714
C. Keller RF4120002.33300
J. DiMaggio CF4122001.33302
J. Priddy 1B4000013.08300
R. Rolfe 3B4000013.10001
B. Dickey C4010001.27300
J. Gordon 2B3100101.09100
F. Crosetti SS3111100.20001
M. Pearson P2000010.00000
   M. Russo P0000000.00000
   a-W. Morgan PH0100100.00000
   J. Murphy P1000000.00000
a - W. Morgan pinch hit for M. Russo in the 7th

Doubles: G. Selkirk (1, 1st Inning off B. Weiland, 0 on, 0 outs) J. DiMaggio (1, 7th Inning off B. Weiland, 1 on, 1 out)
Triples: C. Keller (1, 3rd Inning off B. Weiland, 0 on, 0 outs)
Home Runs: G. Selkirk (1, 7th Inning off B. Weiland, 2 on, 1 out)
Total Bases: G. Selkirk 7 , C. Keller 4 , J. DiMaggio 3 , B. Dickey , F. Crosetti
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: G. Selkirk , R. Rolfe , B. Dickey
GIDP: C. Keller
Team LOB: 3

SB: J. Gordon (1) , F. Crosetti (1)

Errors: B. Dickey (1)
Double Plays: 2 (Gordon-Crosetti-Priddy, DiMaggio-Dickey)
B. Weiland L (0-1)7.0976331129827.71   
D. Galehouse1.00000001080.00   
Game Score: B. Weiland 33
Batters Faced: B. Weiland 33, D. Galehouse 3
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: B. Weiland 6-11, D. Galehouse 0-3
Pitches - Strikes: B. Weiland 129-82, D. Galehouse 10-8
WP: B. Weiland 
M. Pearson6.1465721136747.11   
M. Russo W (1-0)0.2200000430.00   
J. Murphy SV (1)2.000001026190.00   
Game Score: M. Pearson 38
Batters Faced: M. Pearson 30, M. Russo 3, J. Murphy 6
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: M. Pearson 7-9, M. Russo 0-1, J. Murphy 3-2
Pitches - Strikes: M. Pearson 136-74, M. Russo 4-3, J. Murphy 26-19
Inherited Runners - Scored: M. Russo 2-2
Hit Batsmen: M. Pearson 

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