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White Sox Need Extra Frames to Get Past Red Sox

April 18, 1986

Chicago White Sox (7-3)00002003027100
Boston Red Sox (4-6)01300000116112

The Boston Red Sox got a sterling performance from pitcher Al Nipper, but the White Sox still prevailed, 7-6. Nipper was named the player of the game in a losing cause. He threw 7 innings of 5-hit ball. Chicago reliever Gene Nelson was the winner. His record is now 2-0.

Joe Sambito took the loss. Bobby Thigpen earned save number 1. The White Sox got a big at-bat from right fielder Harold Baines. For the game, Baines was 1 for 5 with a home run. He drove in 2 runs and scored once. In the top of the tenth, with a runner on 1st, he stroked a 2-run home run. His 3rd home run of the season gave Chicago a 7-5 lead.

 In postgame comments to the Chicago Daily News, Baines said, "If the effort is there, the wins will come." The Red Sox fall to 4-6 and continue their uneasy start to the 1986 season.

J. Cangelosi CF5110002.42906
W. Tolleson 3B4220100.31713
H. Baines RF5112025.25039
G. Walker 1B5000004.28616
R. Kittle LF4001110.258512
T. Hulett 2B5122000.35017
C. Fisk C4000014.35328
O. Guillen SS4120001.45904
J. Hairston Sr DH4122001.30003
Doubles: J. Hairston Sr 2 (3, 5th Inning off A. Nipper, 2 on, 2 outs; 8th Inning off A. Nipper, 0 on, 0 outs) O. Guillen (2, 5th Inning off A. Nipper, 1 on, 2 outs)
Home Runs: H. Baines (3, 10th Inning off J. Sambito, 1 on, 0 outs)
Total Bases: H. Baines 4 , W. Tolleson 2 , T. Hulett 2 , J. Hairston Sr 4 , O. Guillen 3 , J. Cangelosi
2-out RBI: R. Kittle , T. Hulett , J. Hairston Sr
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: C. Fisk , J. Cangelosi
GIDP: J. Hairston Sr
Team LOB: 2

CS: W. Tolleson (1)

Double Plays: 3 (Guillen-Hulett-Walker, Schmidt-Guillen-Walker, Guillen-Hulett-Walker)
W. Boggs 3B4111102.30828
M. Barrett 2B4100102.23314
D. Evans RF5131011.27516
J. Rice LF4000114.31603
B. Buckner 1B5012004.18627
D. Baylor DH3100001.20633
R. Gedman C5131002.27303
T. Armas CF4010002.18900
R. Quinones SS3110000.19402
   a-E. Romero SS0000000.00000
   b-S. Lyons PH10110001.00001
   c-G. Hoffman SS0000000.00000
a - E. Romero substituted for R. Quinones in the 8th
b - S. Lyons pinch hit for E. Romero in the 9th
c - G. Hoffman substituted for S. Lyons in the 10th

Doubles: R. Gedman (2, 2nd Inning off T. Seaver, 1 on, 2 outs) D. Evans (2, 3rd Inning off T. Seaver, 1 on, 1 out) B. Buckner (3, 3rd Inning off T. Seaver, 1 on, 2 outs) W. Boggs (4, 3rd Inning off T. Seaver, 1 on, 0 outs)
Triples: R. Quinones (1, 3rd Inning off T. Seaver, 0 on, 0 outs)
Total Bases: T. Armas , R. Quinones 3 , R. Gedman 4 , D. Evans 4 , B. Buckner 2 , W. Boggs 2 , S. Lyons
2-out RBI: R. Gedman , B. Buckner
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: D. Baylor , T. Armas , R. Gedman , B. Buckner
GIDP: T. Armas , B. Buckner , W. Boggs
Hit by Pitch: D. Baylor 2
Team LOB: 6

Errors: R. Quinones 2 (5)
Double Plays: 1 (Barrett-Romero-Buckner)
T. Seaver7.0644220121764.15
D. Schmidt H (1)1.01000001580.00
B. Dawley H (1)0.1000000220.00
G. Nelson W (2-0), BS (1)0.23110001172.45
B. Thigpen SV (1)1.011110026132.25
Game Score: T. Seaver 49
Batters Faced: T. Seaver 29, D. Schmidt 3, B. Dawley 1, G. Nelson 4, B. Thigpen6
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: T. Seaver 9-9, D. Schmidt 1-1, B. Dawley 0-1, G. Nelson1-0, B. Thigpen 1-2
Pitches - Strikes: T. Seaver 121-76, D. Schmidt 15-8, B. Dawley 2-2, G. Nelson11-7, B. Thigpen 26-13
WP: B. Thigpen
Hit Batsmen: T. Seaver , B. Thigpen 
A. Nipper7.053303095693.00
B. Stanley BS (2)2.032221041234.50
J. Sambito L (0-1)1.02220011495.40
Game Score: A. Nipper 58
Batters Faced: A. Nipper 27, B. Stanley 10, J. Sambito 5
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: A. Nipper 5-12, B. Stanley 2-2, J. Sambito 1-2
Pitches - Strikes: A. Nipper 95-69, B. Stanley 41-23, J. Sambito 14-9
Inherited Runners - Scored: B. Stanley 1-1 
Player of the Game: Al Nipper
Ballpark: Fenway Park II
Weather: Partly Cloudy (35 degrees), wind blowing left to right at 12 mph
Start Time: 7:05 pm EST
Time: 3:18
Attendance: 23958
Special Notes: RP Dave J Schmidt was injured while pitching.

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