The Sacrifice of Tim Wakefield

14 years ago tonight Tim Wakefield stood on the mound at Yankee Stadium and gave up that infamous homerun to Aaron Boone that would end the 2003 ALCS and the Red Sox season. A year later to the day Tim Wakefield's sacrifice would forever change Red Sox history. 

The Red Sox were in the middle of getting clobbered at home by their most hated rival. They were on the brink of elimination and Tim Wakefield went and got his cleats and told Tito Francona that he could go as long as needed. This was remarkable given that Wakefield was scheduled to start in Game 4. Wake sacrificed a postseason start in order to save the bullpen and take a beating in the process. Wakefield threw 64 pitches over three innings of work giving up five hits and five runs. The Yankees would of course go on and win 19-8 but none of the key guys in the Red Sox bullpen had to pitch. Timmy fell on the sword and the comeback doesn't happen without him.