Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Rob and Comrade Podcast: Episode 1

I am very excited to announce a new podcast which is centered around the South Carolina/ Clemson rivalry. It is called the Rob and Comrade Podcast. I am the Comrade, why Comrade? That is a long story that we will get to another day. Rob Sanders is a die hard Clemson fan and fellow baseball nerd.

The plan is to do a weekly podcast covering all sports with an extreme focus on Gamecock and Clemson Tiger athletics.

We call it The divided podcast! A Clemson guy and a Carolina guy sling or spin the facts about their favorite teams.

You can subscribe to our show on iTunes right here. 

Episode 1: Rob and Mike discuss all the big issues facing both The Gamecocks and Tigers. This week we talk SEC media days and we learn about The Comrade's special anniversary.

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