A Date with Rat K?

Is there a better time to debut a Gamecock-centric blog than the day after Selection Sunday? Usually that would be a big fat no but for just the fourth time since I became a Gamecock (1993), the Gamecocks are dancing and looming in the distance is Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils.

Yeah...I know what you are saying. We haven't won a tournament game since 1973 (I was born in 1974) and I am already looking ahead to Duke. Trust me, winning on Friday night over Marquette is going to be a tough task and I will get more into that game later in the week. Humor me for a minute.

For now, let's just imagine a Sunday prime-time showdown in Greenville, SC against Duke. Can we beat Duke? Sure. Will we? Listen, I am not even sure we can beat Marquette. The point is this is the kind of game our program needs. We blew it in 1997 and 1998 and frankly haven't recovered until maybe now. A Sunday game against Duke in the NCAA Tournament gives us a huge leap towards basketball relevancy. These are the games that help you recruit.

Playing Duke in Greenville is almost perfect. The only thing better is if it were against North Carolina. I actually like Duke and Coach K. Yeah, I know the picture above isn't flattering but I am in a small way a Duke fan for one reason only, they are not North Carolina. If Clemson is Hitler then North Carolina is Bin Laden.

I couldn't stand Dean Smith and I really hate Roy Williams. Both are frauds who preach "The Carolina Way". It is their way of saying they are better than everyone else because they do things "the right way" while winning. Their program has been as dirty as it gets. Luckily for them the NCAA is either scared of them or really really really likes them. Probably a combination of the two.

How much do I hate UNC and Roy Williams? Brad Brownell became my hero for a day after this incident:

Don't get too excited Clemson fans. Roy is a sanctimonious piece of crap who talks out of both sides of his mouth. Sound familiar? He basically is the Dabo Swinney of basketball. Yeah, how many of you could see that coming? Not shockingly Dabo raves about Roy and Roy loves Dabo. What a match made in hell.

Here is Roy after his Kansas team was beaten by Syracuse. The reporter dared asked him about potentially taking the UNC job. He scolds her and her co-workers for not being good people. Of course he took the UNC job two weeks after this:

My dream is to beat UNC in the tournament. I want to be the team that makes Roy cry. I even prayed and made a deal with the basketball gods that if we could just send them home one time then the basketball gods could send us back to a four decade drought of hell without a tournament win. Too much? Maybe but wouldn't you like the Gamecocks to be the reason why he cries like this?

Playing Duke in Greenville would be incredible. Beating Duke in Greenville would be program changing. Nothing would compare to beating North Carolina though. Nothing!