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The Hard is What Makes it Great

Business Insider Science posted a great video titled The Science of Hitting a Major League Fastball, you definitely need to check it out. The basic summary is it is very hard and should be physically impossible. It reminds me of great scene from the movie A League of Their Own. Dottie Hinson explains she is quitting baseball because it just got too hard. Jimmy Dugan explains it is supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. I think this video by Business Insider Science sums up exactly what Jimmy Dugan was trying to say.

A Homer and a Suicide: The Life of a Gay Red Sox Outfielder?

Ted Williams homered in his last at bat off Jack Fisher of the Baltimore Orioles. Williams was supposedly the only player in the history of baseball to retire after sending one deep. The great John Thorn found that hard to believe and through research discovered others who homered in their final at-bat. You can read his piece on that right here. Ted Williams was not the only player to do it and he wasn't even the only Red Sox outfielder to do it. Chick Stahl did it first on October 6, 1906 off of Tom Hughes of the New York Highlanders (Yankees). It was Chick Stahl's 36th and final home-run of his very successful career. He was just 33 years old and had played in his final game. Nobody knew it at the time. Stahl hit .305 for his career, led the league in triples in 1904 and would be a key player in the Boston Americans (Red Sox) winning the 1903 World Series. A month after his last game Stahl would get married but in March of the next year he would kill himself by drinking carb…

Two Heroes and Two Legends

The greatest website ever created is Baseball Reference. I can spend hours on that site just looking around. One of my favorite features is their collection of historic box scores. When I was growing up we didn't have cable. I had to find out scores of Red Sox games on the local news or the following morning from my father. We would get an afternoon newspaper and I would always get to it first and dive into the sports section and the box scores from the night before. Those were great days. I started thinking about all the games I have been to in my life. So many great memories and even greater is the ability to access their box scores years later. This is the first installment of the Box Score Stories series. I figured it was only fitting that I chose Father's Day weekend to launch this new series since so many of my great childhood memories involve my father and baseball. Weekend in New York The very first installment will break the very first rule. This series is supposed to…

How John Glenn Saved the Life of Ted Williams

John Glenn passed away yesterday after living one of the great lives in the history of our country. One aspect of his life was his connection with Ted Williams.

Ted was John's wingman in the Korean War and they remained close friends long after. There were not many people that Ted respected more than John Glenn. Glenn told a great story after one of his trips to space about Ted Williams:

"Told Ted Williams I saw one of his home runs in orbit.""How did he respond?""He paused for a second, and asked if it was still spinning" Their relationship wasn't all just funny stories. Ted Williams credits John Glenn with saving his life. Here is an excerpt from a Boston Globe article by Hayden Bird:

In one especially difficult moment, Williams recalled how Glenn offered advice that helped Williams fly back to base safely. After getting hit by enemy anti-aircraft fire, Williams’s F9F Panther jet was ablaze. Glenn flew next to his wing and pointed up. Flying hi…

Big Papi is Still Clutch

David Ortiz is retired, maybe you heard. Red Sox fans are in full panic mode hoping Dave Dombrowski can find somebody who will be able to replace his bat in the middle of the lineup. It is times like these when you need to spend some time playing Out of the Park Baseball.

 My new laptop inspired me to start a new OOTP league and this time taking over the 2016 Red Sox. It didn't take long to remember what we will miss about the real Big Papi. Here is the generated write up by Out of the Park Baseball along with the boxscore.

 Before you look below and judge my managing strategy keep in mind that Craig Kimbrel and Koji Uehara were both unavailable thanks to a 13 inning game the night before where I lost. There was also a long rain delay in this game which forced Clay Buchholz out of the game early even though he was looking sharp. I had to adapt and improvise and I still picked up the win for the Sox.....with Papi's help of course.

Red Sox Need Extras to Top IndiansThe