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Bill Belichick's Advice for Theo Epstein

I can relate to Theo Epstein. It is why I have always been and always will be a fan of his. It doesn't matter that he is no longer running our Red Sox.  We are both the same age and grew up on Red Sox baseball. His father would take him to games at Fenway at the same time my father was taking me to games at Fenway. I wonder how many of the same games we attended. We both are baseball simulation nerds. Theo likes to build teams of the greats from the negro leagues. I am always trying to go back in time and get Ted Williams a ring while trying to right a wrong and make sure Willie Mays ends up on the Red Sox playing alongside Teddy in the outfield. We both were devastated by the 1986 World Series. October 25th is still tough day for me and I am going to be 42 years of age. The 11 year old inside of me doesn't let me forget though. Theo would understand. There are two great books that shed even more light on Theo. One is Francona: The Red Sox Years and the other is Feeding the M…