Projecting the 2016 Clemson Football Season

These projections are unbiased and based strictly on our power numbers that have been calculated using a multi-step formula. 
Any game that is projected to be within 5 points we deem as a game that could go either way. In our best case scenario, we give every projected loss within 5 points a win. In our worst case scenario, we give every projected win within 5 points a loss.
I will repeat these projections are data driven and there is no bias in them. I would love to project Clemson to go 0-12 but we all know that is not going to happen. Before we get to 2016 let's take a look back at the projections we made for Clemson last year:
OpponentProjected Result
vs WoffordWIN by 45
vs App StateWIN by 22
at LouisvilleWIN by 2
vs Notre DameWIN by 4
vs Georgia TechWIN by 1
vs Boston CollegeWIN by 18
at MiamiWIn by 5
at NC StateWIN by 3
vs FSULOSS by 4
at SyracuseWIN by 17
vs Wake ForestWIN by 23
at South CarolinaWIN by 5
Overall Projected Record      
Projected Conference Record  
Best Case Record                       12-0Best Case Conference Record      8-0
Worst Case Record                     5-7Worst Case Conference Record   3-5
We took some grief for projecting such a great season for Clemson last year. That is the danger of having unbiased data driven projections. They don't care how goofy you think Dabo Swinney looks in his Clemson sweatshirt. 
Clemson went undefeated in the regular season last year and we projected that as the best case scenario. Clemson had some close calls during the season but everything that could go right for Clemson went right. It also helped that they had a very talented team.
As we look forward to 2016, we have more bad news for the Clemson haters out there (the guy writing this being one of them) Here are our projections for the 2016 Clemson Tigers:
OpponentProjected Result
at AuburnWIN by 8
vs TroyWIN by 37
vs SC StateWIN by 52
at Georgia TechWIN by 12
vs LouisvilleWIN by 13
at Boston CollegeWIN by 16
vs NC StateWIN by 19
at FSULOSS by 3
vs SyracuseWIN by 25
vs PittWIN by 18
at Wake ForestWIN by 17
vs South CarolinaWIN by 22
Overall Projected Record  
Projected Conference Record
Best Case Record                  12-0Best Case Conference Record
Worst Case Record               11-1Worst Case Conference Record 7-1
Our 2016 projections match the projections we had for Clemson in 2015. There is a major difference though. The 2016 projections have Clemson being challenged just one time all regular season and that is the game on the road against Florida State. We have that as a projected close loss for Clemson but definitely a game that can go either way. The reason for this goes to Clemson's overall power number. We have them a full 13 points better than the 2015 Clemson projections.
We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our projections, we wouldn't mind being way off on these projections though.