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Where Have You Gone Adrian Beltre?

The Red Sox made a trade last night. They had to give up a pitcher to acquire Aaron Hill. Hill is needed to platoon with Travis Shaw. I like the move but it is scary that the Sox had to give up an arm when the Sox need all the arms they can get right now.  It is also a bit nauseating to think how the Sox got into such an awful spot when it comes to third base. It could have been much different. Just ask the Texas Rangers. In 2010 Theo Epstein decided to put an emphasis on defense and run prevention. As part of this focus he signed Adrian Beltre to play third base on a one year deal. It was a win-win for player and team. Beltre could prove he was worthy of a big contract and the Sox would have a very motivated player who is one of the best defensive third baseman of all time. Beltre didn't disappoint: AverageHRRBIOPSWARSalary.32128102.9197.8$9 million His numbers were incredible but his highlights were even better. He was not only a great player but so much fun to watch.
Red Sox fan…

We Now Know What is Really Wrong with David Price

David Price is struggling. Is it his stuff? Pitch selection? Delivery? None of the above. David Price is a traitor who is pitching poorly on purpose because deep down he is really a Tampa Bay Ray. This according to one disgruntled Red Sox fan: Thank you Liz. We will definitely have fun with it. Now if we can just figure out what is really wrong with Eduardo Rodriguez. Stay tuned